“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great Love.” ~ Mother Teresa.

On march 13th 2014, which is Thursday, I took part in the voluntary service to help the elementary school kids to help bake the cupcakes as after school activity in Jubliee Center at Hoboken, NJ. I signed up this program through Jersey Cares. I wanted to do some volunteer work during my free time. I will do this purely in the honor of my father, Dr Ravinutala Rajendra Prasad.

This is my first project and I was very excited about it because it is Baking cupcakes with the kids. 🙂 I didnt know Jeresy Cares have such programs. when I saw this in their opportunities list, I was totally glued to it and connected to the project. But I was not sure whether I can do this because of the timings ie., 6PM to 7PM and with a 3 year old boy it will not happen. I have no option other than bug my busy husband. Chaitanya is busy at work these days and I hate to disturb him during this time. Well, my sweet husband said YES and he came early from work and dropped me at the venue and the dudes had good time later.

My impression on this project was little different on what I experienced there. I thought I should bring the Cake mix and icing and kids going to taste “My Cupcakes”, but they said to just walk in without those and help the project coordinator. I said to myself then, “that’s Okay, we are going to help them and spend time with kids”. And I entered into the center and its a big size hall with chairs and tables and cubby’s to the corner and a kitchen to the other corner. There are so many kids of different ages having their evening meal. I was not only the volunteer there is also an other young lady who might be in late teens and early twenties. And in our talks, I came to know she is Miss New Jersey, Junior (college level) and she has to do few volunteer projects to contest for Miss America (Junior level). The project coordinator came to us and said it will take 10 minutes to clear up here and then few kids of her party will together bake and talk. And so were seated and waited there till everything is clean up and meantime kids came to us and greeting us. But most of them are around Miss NJ ;-). The project coordinator was getting all the stuff need for baking and I was leading a group and we settled at one table and Kids started working on the ingredients and I was helping in giving instructions. They are such adorable kids that they listen to me and waited for their turn to participate. They even counted numbers 1 to 10 and chance goes to the other kid and the counting starts. More than me instructing them, they themselves knows what to do and how to do. They are very smart. Everyone recognized me that I’m from INDIA by looking at my bindhi.(which they call it a “MARK on my Forehead” 🙂 ) Even I wore an Indo- western attire to represent my country. I was very very happy for that. 🙂

Apart from this, my experience was feel good but I think it should be even well organized by the coordinators. I will keep doing the projects and it feels great to me to be a Volunteer, because doing good to others and enjoying yourself to meet your personal needs is the best thing that can happen to anyone because it is an boon to me to grow the HUMAN SPIRIT in me. Entho trupthi (Satisfaction) vuntadi. 🙂

With Love

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