Baby Shower Cake and Party.

Celebrate the new arrival and Shower the expectant Mothers with lots of love and gifts is the perfect moments for those couple. I still cherish my baby shower party that my Aunt planned and executed so well. And I also had one more shower that my husbands best friend treated me and her other two friends with Bengali food and with lots of love. Both are my one of the best moments in my life. 🙂

My good friends and I decided to throw a surprise baby shower party to our three expectant friends. It was a super cute and wonderful gathering by all the families and the yummy potluck dinner. Since its a potluck, I wanted to bake a cake but then we planned this in last minute, me and my very good friend decided to bake together. So, she baked the cake and I did the icing on the cake. 🙂

I wanted to share the photos of my first Special Occasion Cake (actually the icing on the cake :-p)




The cake she baked was a Chocolate one and the icing I chose was two varieties. Chocolate Buttercream icing for the filling between two layers and Vanilla Buttercream icing for the decorations. I used pastel colors like, baby pink, baby blue, light green and lemon yellow.

I used Wilton icing decorating tips:

tip #18 for those tiny flower in Blue and Pink as the border for the cake.

tip#12 for the round lower border in light green color.

tip#2 for writing the message on the cake in yellow.

Used all the three tip for the stroller, baby bottle, pacifier and safety pin.

I just fell in love with my work (not at all exaggerating just being genuine 🙂 ). I’m very happy to share my small effort for my friends that we did with you people in my blog. Hope this post be a little help for you in your baking.

Enjoy baking 😉

With Love,



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