Crazy Hat Day!

This is for my three year old when they had Crazyhat Day where everyone should wear a crazy hat the whole time in the preschool. It sounds to me new and ofcourse crazy. I didnt pay much attention to this then when his teacher hand over to me that week’s activity sheet. I was under an impression he can wear any hat. The day before in the night I wanted to just check in google about this and then i decided i should do something crazy for him to wear. Arya is not at all an accessory-friendly-kid. But then I still tried and in my whole thought process I came up with an idea – farm animals on his hat. I’m sometimes innovative and also I want to show educational in my creativity (:-p).

Well, i got an idea but implementing this in just one night – I have no idea, how? After a lengthy scan in his play area while he was sleeping, my eyes were on the Melissa and Doug wooden Farm animals puzzle. It got flashed that I should use those wooden small animals to glue it on his hat and then without any delay I glued them and still it looks not so  crazy for me. Then I took a print of barn picture in color and glued on the backside of the hat and to add little more details I wanted to name the whole thing which is going to be on his head as “Arya’s Farm Friends” and so I did as a banner supported by two mini wood sticks I bought it long time back from Michaels. By the way I forgot to mention that the hat I used was his own from the last year spring.

Take a look at my finished product. I was very proud that I used all the things that I need found around the house. It was sorta silly that I created something silly :-p



To my surprise, some of his friends at school came to me and told me that they liked Arya’s hat so much. (Ha…ha…haaa).

With Love,



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