Smoothie with Chiaseeds

As we are into healthy eating and living, I happened to get to know about Chia seeds from my friends and the online source and in no time I bought this 5lb bag of organic Chia seeds from Costco.

I have no clue on how to use these tiniest seeds in our diet properly. It was written somewhere that you can have a gulp of a spoonful of seeds or you can make pudding out of it or to add in your milk or cereal. Chia seeds behavior, when you add in any milk product or any liquids, is gelatinous and sticky. people who enjoys that that kind gelatin and the seeds dance in your mouth will like these however way they like.

But the big question what are chia seeds? why it is important in your diet? Please view the below link for more details

Here is the simple smoothie recipe that Arya and I had this morning as our breakfast. All you need is:


Blend the fruits and the Almond milk and honey and then add the chia seeds and leave the smoothie aside for an hour and can have it. This is because the seeds dissolve and try to transform to a gel kind of flavor.


You will definitely want to try more and more. Yumm 🙂_mg_0242_new

I wanted some spring look and hence presenting to you all my photos with these beautiful flowers. Enjoy the drink and enjoy life 🙂

With Love,

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