Strawberry Chia Seeds Jam

Today I feel like to blog after so many days. The break is due to my trip to India and then Arya was home till he was back to school and I haven’t tried out so much of projects or baking or cooking. Hence not to put full stop to my Enthu…., here I’m posting a simple healthy recipe that I tried before my trip to India.

More than We, Arya loves to go to Farm. Give a chance, he wants to go everyday for those farm animals. We already took him twice this summer and our latter visit was Strawberry picking at Alstede Farms, Chester, NJ. It is usually 1hr 10 minutes drive from our place. We picked pretty nice and fresh berries in a large basket. Most of them are very sweet that we couldn’t stop eating at the farm itself. I decided to freeze some so that I can make some smoothies for Arya and the rest to make a Strawberry Jam.


I wanted a healthy ones that stays for one to two weeks at the maximum, if we store it in the refrigerator. That means I don’t want to use any preservatives. Hence I looked for few recipe’s online and I could able to find a blog where that awesome blogger posted totally my choice of ingredients and I no longer waited and adapted from hers and made this jam and used for several purposes which i will state below.



The ingredients I used are:

  • 1 pound Fully Ripe Strawberries
  • 1/4 Cup Honey (Add more to your taste)
  • 2 tablespoons Chia Seeds



Clean and cut the green part and also the white part of the berry then cut into pieces like in image 2.  As in the image 3, Put all the pieces into a sauce pan along with Honey and boil it on medium heat till the fruit gets soft and starts liquify. Then try to smash the strawberries with fork or masher until it reaches a desired consistency. Allow it to boil and continue to boil till it becomes a saucy consistency for 5 minutes.
Stir in chia seeds into the sauce and cook it for one or two minutes more.Stir again and remove the sauce form heat. Let it cool down completely and you can see the magic of chia seeds turning into a thick and a very healthy jam.
Store the jam in an air tight container like I used mason jar and keep it in an refrigerator for up to two weeks.


NOTE: Please do not store more than two weeks since we have not added any preservatives and not sure of the shelf size of the chia seeds as per the sources.

Here is the very simple and incredible healthy recipe for the whole family. You can use it in many ways, like I used on bread, in south Indian Crepes, in the smoothies… 🙂 Yes, in many ways. Just imagine and be creative. Have a good healthy life!

Some of the pictures taken in the farm:-




With Love,

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