Family Cooking…

It started for us as a regular weekday and in the evening it happened to be a “Family Cooking time”. We had these kind of days in the past and it always feels good and a mood change phase in the house. To mention, our little guy also started helping and cooking. His favorite things to do in the kitchen are, rolling the wheat flour dough and cracking the egg and scramble it (100% under my guidance) 🙂

Okay coming to what me and my husband cooked last Friday was very easy and healthy meal. Classic Cracked Wheat Upma/Porridge and Ginger Chutney. I picked the former and He picked the latter. Well there are several reasons why he wants to eat the chutney – he loves this chutney and probably he had bad cough and fever and he feels like to eat to recharge his taste buds and he has been thinking to do this chutney from so long. While I was in the process of making Upma, he quickly took a brief visit to all the food blogs and lastly end up with this recipe link: . Thanks to Gayatri Vantallu and to Mr Husband that it turned out amazing and tasted heavenly makes the best dish of the day. He almost felt like “Iron Chef America” ;-).

Alright, Here is the classic grandma’s recipe of Upma but with lots of veggies to make it more colorful in your colorful life. For your information, Cracked Wheat is low calorie food and very good for Type 2 Diabetes.

All the pictures in this post were taken from iPhone 6 (Which I got it on that day and was my anniversary gift 🙂 )


Use as many Veggies as you want. The Upma tastes great with ginger when tempered in oil and also at the end, by drizzling some lemon juice to it.


I always get the finely coarse cracked wheat from Indian market.


Here it is my Husband’s Ginger Chutney and for the recipe please check the above link.


Here is the final meal of the day with lots of love and happiness. Just Be Happy and Enjoy. 🙂
Life is too short to stress yourself.


With Love

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