Handmade Diya’s & Homemade Diwali Cupcakes.


Diwali ( a Hindu festival of lights, fireworks, home decorations with diya’s, flowers, rangolis, fun with family and friends, lots of food especially sweets, beautiful dresses, exchanging gifts…) is always special to me and gives me immense happiness since childhood. I love all the festivals and I make sure to celebrate all of them very well at my home and also being a mom, I do these for Arya as well to make him believe and understand our culture and values. This time we had a simple, peaceful time at home and I started working on these diyas 3 days before. I used Crayola Clay and Fabric Paints and few gemstone embellishments. Neither I know about making clay sculptures nor I tried before (Well I did Ganesha Idol for a festival which was a month before). Without any hint I just laid my hands on this cute project and I think I able to create my vision of beautiful Deepams. 🙂 Check my gallary:




Yes, the cupcakes in the background are also homemade by me. As it is Diwali, I baked Almond Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting in Mehandi and some Diya designs on them. I can tell you a best tip if any one wants to try these mehandi design cupcakes (I’m not sure if that is what the bakers do outside) – I used the Ziploc bags as the piping bags and after you put the batter in the bag, cut the edge where you want to pipe as per your design. Could be small or medium. I did cut a very small part to make sure I get the thin lines on my cupcakes. In this you can avoid using tips and waste the piping bags. 😉 Again the gallery of my cupcakes:




I hope you enjoy the post as much as I enjoyed doing everything for the family. Please leave me comments if anyone needs more details. I really want my blog to be very helpful and more interactive if you like it.

With Love,



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