Puja Mandir DIY

Hello Dear Readers,

I am back with a wonderful DIY project which its not just by me but also by the men in the house (my husband and my son) helped me finish this beautiful master piece. 🙂

I am super excited to share it with you all. When we were living in one bedroom apartment, we had a built-in bookshelf to the wall and that is where we place the pictures of God and technically it was our Puja Space (Worship Space). Recently we moved to a new two bed room apartment with spacious rooms and spectacular views through the windows. We are loving the new one as much we loved our one bed room. (So many memories in that home). But here there is neither a bookshelf nor a proper facing or position to place our God to worship. I am not too religious (doesn’t mean I am atheist) I worship HIM and believe in HIM and follow festivals but don’t do too many pujas/mantras for hours and hours. Chaitanya is quite opposite to me. He do all kinds of pujas, chant mantra, hours of meditation and really follow them ritualistically. To such a man, I have no other thought but to gift him a nice puja mandir where he can sit and do his puijas peacefully and also I want to create a beautiful, peaceful home to our GOD. 🙂 Here my creative brain craved for ideas, ideas and more ideas. I want a simple, less expensive, elegant, easy to design models. The only furniture store that helped this want-to-do-something-great-desparetely woman is IKEA. It is a super saver for most of my ideas. I found a nice brown wooden storage shelf unit with doors for $49.00. It has enough storage for puja materials and books. Chaitanya assembled it and then the fun part begins.

To get that divine look to the shelf unit, I have decided to paint with muggullu (Rangoli) hence for this I need a permanent marker rather a paint, because I am not fine in painting with painters brush and it will be little clumsy if I go with that option. So I opted permanent white marker which found it in amazon for $7.05. Soon I received it I started drawing Rangoli’s (famous chukkala muggullu) on the shelf. I drew few and then look over again for updates to make the shelf more traditional and vintage look. Then I thought that it should need a gopuram on the top of the shelf. I went to Lowes (a home improvement departmental store) I walked all the aisles and looked for some wooden pieces that are only in sale. Finally I got some already done wooden crafts and also a Wall Ledge for a pretty reasonable price of $26.00. I also need wood glue which is $4.00 and then the cup hooks to hold the bells which is $3.00 and I wanted some wooden beads and gold ones also the bells. I went to Michaels and got all these for $11.00 (the beads were in sale and I always use the 40% off coupon on regular price items). I also bought the battery operated LED lights which is $13.00 and an Espresso color coat on Wood for $5.00 in Lowes. Just the pictures for you of all the material I bought.


Chaitanya and Arya helped me with drilling holes to the unit. They did a good job. You will see my final output and I bet you can’t take your eyes off from it. 😉

A picture of my “The BEST DIY” so far. I honestly fell in love with this. Chaitanya was totally mesmerized by this. (More pictures in Facebook)


Get inspired and give it a try and please drop a message on how it is….

With Love,


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  1. Awesome work Prashanthi 👌🏻

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  2. Really love this…. awesome work 🙂

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  3. Hello Prashanti,

    Your gopuram looks great 🙂 Kindly let me know how you fixed the domes and the square wood on top of the gopuram. Where did you get these? I stay in fremont CA so that I could also pick some domes.



    • Hi Meena, thanks dear!!!
      I got those domes from Loews. They are already – made pieces. I did some drilling to the Cabinet to fix them. I couldn’t get pieces which I don’t need to drill. But I recommend to you to get similar kind of domes without any nails attached to it. I think you can get it in homedepot.

      And the square wood is actually wall shelf. Please check the picture in my blog. Usually you get that as 3 pieces ( large, medium, small) I used the large one to make look like gopurams. You will get them in different sizes and designs too.
      Just type wall shelf or wall ledge and Google. You will get an idea.
      Let me know if you need any help in understanding.


  4. Hi
    Its very nice I would like to know how u attached bells and could u please post inside mandir pictures



    • Hi Madhu, thanks for dropping a message. 😍
      I drilled and bought loop hooks. You can easily fix those loops after you drill. And then you can hang the bells.
      Sure I will post more photos. If you are on FB, you can search in my first and last name and can able to see the pictures.



  5. Very impressive! what is the ikea unit you used? Can you please share the link or the name?


  6. Thanuja Vummity

    Hi Prasanthi,

    Its very nice pooja mandir. I just read your blog and seems like interesting and I would like to try this diy. I wanted to know where do we get square plates and round domes for the corners and for the top of the gopuram other than lowes and home depot? I live in Canada and there is no domes in lowes and home depot. Let me know if you find any other option?



    • Thank you so much Thanuja!!!
      I believe any home improvement stores should have these wood pieces. I am sorry, I am not familiar with such stores in Canada. Did you try in IMPROVE (I just found this online) If you can’t find them premade, buy wood and ask the store carpenter guy to carve it as you like. Please find out how much they charge for these.
      Or i don’t know how much possible it is for you – if you know any carpenters in India (I am sure they are easily accessible) get these done there and ship them to you.

      Hope this helps Dear!!!



      • Thanuja Vummity

        Thanks Prasanthi. I will check with the home improvement shops here. Thank you so much for the information.



  7. Hi Prashanti,
    This looks awesome. can you tell me the link for color coat for wood in Lowe’s..I couldn’t find a match in website..thanks


  8. Hi Prashanthi..I liked your mandir and planning to do one. I see that u mentioned you got those corner square pieces and domes from lowes. Can you please share links for those items or any other place I can find online or what they are called exactly to ask Lowes guy when I visit store?


    • Hi Swetha,
      Thank You!

      Well I found those pieces just when I was passing the last aisle in the store here in my place where they pre-made some wood pieces in different sizes and shapes and left them in the boxes. I happened to pass by and saw those pieces by chance and thought they were perfect for the mandir look. I actually didn’t take a picture or register the name in my mind. It was actually in Wood section in Loews, where you ask for wood to cut.
      Please ask them to show the aisle where you can get wood. and just have a close look for these pre-made pieces.
      Hope this helps you.
      I can’t wait to hear from you once you find them.
      Have a good one!



  9. Thanks Prashanthi..I will take a look and let you know if I find anything.


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