Hi I’m Prashanthi a thoughtful caring wife, a learning mom and a learning photographer and Baker. BTW I’m a Software Consultant by profession, living  in northeast part of New Jersey.

Well, my world starts with my husband, Chaitanya, the sweetest man of my life, who is an IT Architect by profession and a photographer as a hobby. And my little man, the love of my life and the most best thing ever happened to us, Arya Sai! I was born in a town named, Tadepalligudem and grew up in few different towns around the beautiful Konaseema (Andhra Pradesh State and Coastal Region) in India, the places known for their nativity, immense respect, loads of love and Compassion and the spicy, delicious food. My super mom, loving dad and awesome little brother are my strength, weakness and inspiration with whom I can lean in anytime.

I came to US for my higher studies (as it was my Father’s dream) and stayed with my Aunt’s (Dad’s sisters) and pursued my Masters in Computer Science with their support and help. Here I met my husband in the New York City and then we got married and moved to New Jersey. Later came our son, an apple of our eyes’ who changed our little world for better.

Since the day my son was born, we both were very busy with our work schedules and hardly get time to be with him. During this course of time, three Angels (My mom, mom-in-law, and Aunt) flew to us and helped us in taking care of our little one. We are truly blessed to have them with us. I just can’t imagine my post pregnancy and later year without them.

And now I turned into a full-time mom and I am really enjoying the true motherhood being with my bambino all day n Night. Now he is a super active toddler and keeping us on our toes and making our lives worth every breath. I strongly believe kids around is very special and make you a better person day by day, more power, more active and even more creative with full of energy. I just love being in this phase and I am committing myself  to do lots of stuff for him, for family and totally for me 🙂 I started reading books, learning baking n photography, lots of Imagination and creative crafts, household chores etc., etc.,. To organize all these “Momma List”, I started writing down what I have tried, clicked, created and tasted, and then it gave birth to this “Clicking-Cooking-Creative” blog. This will help me to keep things neat and presentable to everyone and try to share my little efforts beautifully which are very close to my heart.

I hope you love my blog as much as I do and help find you whatever you are looking for and get inspired. Thanks for your time in looking around!!!


  1. Enjoy your Clicking-Cooking-Creative blog and enthrall us with your 3Cs 🙂

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