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Home Depot Kids Workshop

I came to know very recently that the Home Depot does workshops for kids and it is completely FREE. It was so much fun to take Arya today and he had a blast. This workshop will happen first saturday of every month in the morning from 9:00 AM to 12:00PM. The staff is friendly and very helping. Kids are allowed to take their project to home and also they get a CERTIFICATE of ACHIEVEMENT of the project with their names and also a commemorative pin with a picture of the project to put on their apron they are given. Today we couldn’t get any aprons since they are running out of stock. Overall it’s a great achievment for the kids and a great experience to the family. I took very few pictures through my iphone6 at Home Depot in Jersey City, NJ.








With Love,


Mommy Time at School

This actually happened in April before Easter weekend at Arya’s “preschool playhouse” (his school’s name), which the school conducted an activity the whole week known as “Week of the young child 2014″. The program scheduled like this, any parent/grandparent of the child can pick any day in that week to show the kids their talent they possess or give a speech or read  a book or show a craft work etc., It sounds exciting to me as a mom. I really wanted to take part in this only to impress my little and secretly hoping in future he would say,”Whoa! You are the best mommy” :-p . Actually I wanted to post this in my blog for Arya. I wanted him to read my blog someday and find this post that is meant for him 🙂

Well coming into the gist of my post, I took part in this activity and I showed the kids,” Icing the cake”. YES – I wanted to show off my baking talent to them. I know kids will enjoy eating cake and decorating it. So then I decided to bake my own cake and make my own icing for the whole class on that day. I asked his class teacher whether the kids are allergic to any food items and any flavor preference. Fortunately they are not allergic but then the school is peanuts free and some kinds of nuts free. These are not allowed. Anyhow, after a lot thought process, I came up with the flavor, Chocolate-Avocado Cake with Vanilla butter cream icing.

On that Day:

I woke up little early than usual time and after my flavorful morning coffee still the guys are sleeping, I got refreshed and started looking for the recipe that I baked cupcakes couple of months back and piling up my ingredients and placing my Electric stand mixer on our island kitchen top. With everything marking my inner biological checklist, I baked the 8″ round cake and then the icing. Back in my mind so many thoughts keep juggling like, what if they eat and they feel sick? what if their parents and teachers would think if something happens to the kids? what if kids don’t like my cake? what if…? what if…? what if….? I was lost in those thoughts that I almost want to back out from this activity and informing the teachers that I’m very sick and cant make it out. And at the same time, I pushed myself to accomplish this with more confidence. And I did it :-).

I went to his school with the cake and the icing in the pipes around 10:30 am and then the kids are busy with their fun activities. As soon I step in, Arya came to me saying “No, No,No”. he meant that he doesn’t want me to pick him from school at that hour ;-). Then seeing my all baking/icing gear, he calm down and then let me in. I was still nervous and my hands are turning very cold then the teachers helped me with all the set up and make the kids sit and explained to them the reason of my visit and when they hear its about Cake and decorating, they were all like “Whoa!” “Sounds Awesome” “I love cakes” etc etc., It was that moment when I relaxed and all my senses came back to normal. Being with kids take you to your childhood – You try to talk like them, you try to act like them, you try to smile and laugh like them,  you always applaud them, you encourage them for small things which are very big for them. You almost transform like a babyish. Exactly I was in that phase.

I had great good times of my life on that day. To add more fun, I wanted to make a themed cake (I’m a theme oriented person in any party or any baking or any creative thing I do. I’m so good at getting ideas(  :-p boosting myself)) So I picked the “EASTER” and told them lets decorate with green grass, pink flowers, yellow bunny and M&M eggs. I let every kids do the icing on the cake. They had good time but I had the best time with them. I also got a compliment from one of Arya’s friend that “I’m a good mom and a creative mom” (Hahahaha…..). Simply P*R*I*C*E*L*E*S*S

We the parents must involve in some of their curriculum activities, if ever the school/college give a chance, this will bring happiness and smiles in your child and immense satisfaction for parent being part of the show. We sometimes cant make time for them because of our busy lifestyle but few times lets try to peep into their day to day activities by being part of it, makes a big difference for both.

I wanted to share few pictures that his teacher clicked. Not a great quality ones but life time memories for Arya and me. Love you Aryallu! Ummahhhhh! This is just for you.1535470_263213237178534_1059731317035590035_n10170879_263213133845211_5182557729880801348_n1920565_263213257178532_4329704971379441741_n

 With Love,

For you, Daddy!

Its a baby girl!!! 
Ahh…feelings, emotions of my dad…YES, he might felt this way…
I would have felt the abundance of love and warmth when i was in his hands. By then I’m daddy’s little princess, and still the story continues…
 As a shadow, you are to me
with lovable smile posing
You struggled hard to live up to your “image”
as a ‘protector’ and ‘provider’, a hero of scrimmage
Daddy…you are just wonderful in million different ways
with all your loving memories and accolades of praise
You trust me in all the times
pacifies me when i was in hard times
What else a girl needs in her way long
a friend, who treasures her all along
 Daddy, you are amazing,
Thanks for listening, giving, sharing, loving…

Toddler Activity 1 – Play/Lunch Date

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