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Bapu gari Bomma Cake

Yes – As the title says, this post is about the great renowned one and only, Mr. Sattiraju Lakshmi Narayana garu, known as BAPU,  was an Indian Film Director, Not to limit that, he was a Painter, Artist, Cartoonist, illustrator and designer too. It is a an honor to me and to my blog to have him part of my posts 🙂 . Almost all the telugu people around the world are a huge admirers of his Arts.

If anyone interested, please visit this link of his great arts.

The reason of writing few lines on Him is my only inspiration and driving force to create this awesome cake for my dear Sarada Atha(Aunt) on her Birthday which is on June 28th ie., today. Recently she renovated her one bedroom apartment in the New York city very beautifully with all her ideas and endless efforts. Everything and every corner in the home transformed so gorgeously. She is a great admirer of Bapu guru and his Arts that she wanted to fill up the walls with His paintings.  And certainly those paintings have spruce up the apartment.  Simply Superb!

Coming to the gist of this post, Being a passionate, very new, self taught, showoff-my-creativity-kinda baker, I have decided to bake this cake and the idea originated from the above to reasons. When I started to vision the design of this cake, I believed in my self completely. I knew that I can do better job :-).

The interesting part was the painting on the cake from one of his works and I chose the simple art (Phew! because I am not an Artist at all in my entire life till now 😉 I want an easy one for my shakey hands). I must mention my 4 year old Arya, to whom I am teaching easy ways to draw things, humans, etc., these days,  and that helped me too. Then the base ingredients to project the painting on the cake, that’s when I have decided to use FONDANT. But I really don’t like Fondant’s and their texture and their usage in cakes. I don’t !!! I figured out after few google searches, that if I use Fondant, I can paint easily than painting on the buttercream frosting. You see, I have to keep few constraints, like first time hand painting, need to make crusted buttercream blah blah.., in mind. So I picked Fondant.

Hmmmm….FONDANT….. thinking whether to buy the store ones or make it at home??!!! Finally a homemade marshmallow fondant was ready two days before I wanted to bake and design. I followed an awesome recipe from Artisan Cake Company website. It was really good. Now deciding the Cake flavor – Since it is summer, I wanted the flavors tangy, citrus with a tinge of fruit flavor. So I baked two 8 inches Lemon and Blueberry Cakes. I used fresh Lemon juice and blueberries. Then the filling between the cakes, it was a simple Vanilla Buttercream.

Good bakers tip: Bake your cakes and make the frosting and any other decorations related a day before actually using it. Always plastic wrap the cakes, not to allow the air and store the frosting in an air tight container in the refrigerator. Before you start decorating, let the frosting come to room temperature.

After I fill the frosting and cover the cake with fondant, I was ready to paint and I was very excited. Painting and Coloring is always fun even though you are not a great artist (I sometimes grab Arya’s drawing pads and color them with crayons though he doesn’t let me do. I love it! ) But before coloring, I actually need a trace of the art on the fondant. Hence I printed out the picture in medium size and started tracing. First attempt was very awful so I have to smooth the fondant on the cake and try again and could able to trace a little. Then the real fun started. But suddenly Arya saw me sitting with all the edible wilton gel

colors and brushes and a cake, which excited him too to show his talent. He came to me and took a brush and about to lay his hands. I was like NOOOOO. “Dude! this is not the coloring time and definitely not my cake ;-)” . Poor guy! he was very upset and threw a tantrum 😦 . Then arrives our savior, the favorite Daddy, who helped me to do my job by giving my space. Sweet Guy, you see! 🙂

I completed the tracing, painting and added few bapu muggullu (rangolis) around the sides of the cake successfully by listening to this awesome Thyagaraja keerthana sung by Karthik. It is a Cranatic fusion and my favorite. If anyone not listened to this number yet, please do if you really like fusion music.

The decoration turned out really good and beyond my expectation. The men in the house love it. By the way I did let Arya do some finishings on the cake. ( I am a Nice Mom, I don’t leave him unattened 🙂 )

Here are the pictures





With Love,